History for Kids? Yes!

“How will I ever learn history when every day the world keeps making more?” laments Billy in a recent Family Circus cartoon. Two things.  First, a wave of sympathy for him because we have all felt that way as we learned history in pieces. Second, it’s great to see a second grader thinking about history.  When I worked with student teachers in traditional school settings, they insisted history was not part of  the mandated curriculum.  Well, maybe it was supposed to be included in the one hour of the week set aside for social studies.  … Continue reading

Promoting tolerance in Montessori classrooms

In the most recent issue of TIME magazine (June 9, 2014), the cover article on transgender identity was subtitled “America’s next civil rights frontier.”  It pointed out that tolerance for transgender individuals lags way behind tolerance for homosexuals, especially same-sex marriage, which is speeding towards the commonplace. I was surprised to learn how widespread transgender identity is and how difficult transgender individuals find life in school.

Near the end of the article was a story about a transgender boy thriving at a Montessori school in Tacoma, Washington because the school administrators had recognized his special needs and established a… Continue reading