Benchmark Reading Test Results for six students

Melissa wrote a good summary of the first story, but her answers on comprehension questions were weak throughout the test.  I notice that she hasn’t picked up a book in the week since we tested.

Jonas seemed to have a good understanding of the first story, but he left out key words in his summary, so it wasn’t possible to give him a good score.  Most of his answers throughout the comprehension session were cursory, lacking any indication of deep understanding or interest in what he had read—or on doing well on the test.  He didn’t appear to care what he was writing down.  It has always been difficult to engage Jonas with a good book.  However, he showed some real interest in “Bud, Not Buddy” before the test.  Today I had to encourage him to go back to that book and get interested again.

Louis, fifth grader, scored poorly on all parts of the reading test.  He is an enthusiastic reader and has often started the day recalling for me the details of the book in some series that he has just finished.  He also enjoys writing book reports which always seem to reveal a good understanding of what he has read.  His test does not show good comprehension at all.  He seems to have stopped reading this week also.

Amanda scored very poorly on all parts of the reading test.  Occasionally her answers showed that she had understood something in the text—the story or poem’s themes—but she was not able to articulate those themes, writing instead about snatches of the text she remembered.  Prior to the test she was busily enjoying the “Littles” books, but I notice she hasn’t picked one up in a week, preferring to look at photo albums instead during our daily silent reading period.

Mason, fourth grader, surprised me.  His answers suggested that he was not comprehending details of the texts in the test.  His answers were short and lacking in detail.  However, he continues to read “Bud, Not Buddy” enthusiastically, reminding me that it is time for a group discussion so that they can go on and finish the book.

Rosalee was clueless.  Her answers demonstrated very weak decoding and comprehension skills.  Since the test, she is sticking to photo albums, too!

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