Time Keeper Collects and Analyzes First Semester Data

After 15 hours of careful time-tracking of how students' time was actually spent during the school days of the first semester, I found that there had been an average of 4 hours a day for teaching/learning interactions. However, because these four hours were never continuous, it felt like much less time. As a teacher, I am frustrated that there is not more uninterrupted time, an essential condition for authentic learning by Vygotsky, Gatto, and Montessori. Continue reading

Teaching with Gatto in mind

First week back and only three days with the students, but I notice my decision-making is different, each utterance and move I make tinged now with Gatto’s thinking.  Over the holidays I read his new “Weapons of Mass Instruction,” which pulls together all of his thinking since that fateful designation in 1991 as New York State’s “Teacher of the Year.”

Gatto’s  chapter on the “history of education”  presents damning evidence that compulsory education is a highly successful arm of a government determined to control its population for capitalist ends, to use schools to “dumb down the population”… Continue reading