Time Keeper Collects and Analyzes First Semester Data

After 15 hours of careful time-tracking of how students' time was actually spent during the school days of the first semester, I found that there had been an average of 4 hours a day for teaching/learning interactions. However, because these four hours were never continuous, it felt like much less time. As a teacher, I am frustrated that there is not more uninterrupted time, an essential condition for authentic learning by Vygotsky, Gatto, and Montessori. Continue reading

Vygotsky’s ZPD

“How Learning Occurs” according to constructivist learning theorist Vygotsky, who described the  “zone of proximal development (ZPD)”***

Zone of Proximal Development, an idea developed by Vygotsky over one hundred years ago, falls within a socio-cultural context and seeks to define the process through which students effectively learn in cooperation with a teacher.  A student’s Zone of Proximal Development, or ZPD, is defined as the student’s range of ability with and without assistance from a teacher or a more capable peer. On one end of the range is the student’s ability level without assistance. On the other end of… Continue reading