Week Fourteen: Time to Teach/Time to Learn Tally of Hours

November 17 – 21, 2008  Tally of time for teaching and learning

Monday, November 17: Uninterrupted day = 5 C & I hours

Tuesday, November 18: Uninterrupted day = 5 C & I hours

Wednesday, November 19:  Routine interruptions for art and gym = 3.5 C & I hours

Thursday, November 20: Uninterrupted day = 5 C & I hours

Friday, November 21:  Specials art/gym in the morning.  Total = 3.5 C & I hours

Week’s Total C & I hours: 22 hours
Personal Note:  I am teaching double time this week because I will be gone next Monday and Tuesday before the Thanksgiving Holiday.  (My Mother’s 90th Birthday in California!)  Getting ready to be absent is always a huge project because one hopes that students’ days will not be wasted if they are well-prepared with good work to do.

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