Week Nine: Time to Teach/Time to Learn Tally of Hours

October 13 – October 17, 2008:  Tally of Time for Teaching and Learning

Monday, October 14:  Uninterrupted day at school = 5 C & I hours

Tuesday, October 15: Uninterrupted day = 5 C & I hours

Wednesday, October 16:  Routine interruptions for art and gym = 3.5 C & I hours

Thursday, October 17:  “Extra gym,” a gift from “Coach,” so total is = 4.25 C & I hours

Friday, October 18:  Specials art/gym in the morning.  Total = 3.5 C & I hours

Week’s Total C & I hours: 21.25 hours

NOTE:  This is the third week in a row that the schedule has seemed relatively stable and uninterrupted by special schoolwide events.  Perhaps it is not fair to continue subtracting the periods of Art and Gym from the calculated Curriculum and Instructional hours.  There is important learning going on in both those settings.  The point for me, however, is to keep track of my in-class teaching time and the time that students have to learn what I am teaching.  It is a data dilemma that I have not yet resolved.

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