Week Ten: Time to Teach/Time to Learn Tally of Hours

October 20 – 24, 2008  Tally of time for teaching and learning

Monday, October 20:  Uninterrupted day at school = 5 C & I hours

Tuesday, October 21: Uninterrupted day = 5 C & I hours

Wednesday, October 22:  Routine interruptions for art and gym = 3.5 C & I hours

Thursday, October 23:  RIF half-hour, where students choose a free books through a program called “Reading if Fun” makes total for curriculum and instruction = 4.25 hours

Friday, October 24:  Specials art/gym in the morning.  Total = 3.5 C & I hours

Week’s Total C & I hours: 21.25 hours

NOTE:  The focus of curriculum and instruction this week has been the United Nations, culminating with a parade of flags and an international feast on Friday.  Each students has been developing a project about a U.N. country for the month of October, so during this week much of their work has been devoted to completing and presenting their projects.  Frustrations have included short work times and a malfunctioning computer, but the enthusiasm and level of engaged work has been high.

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