Week Thirteen: Time to Teach/Time to Learn Tally of Hours

November 10 – 14, 2008  Tally of time for teaching and learning

Monday, November 10  Veteran’s Day Holiday = Zero C & I hours

Tuesday, November 11: Uninterrupted day = 5 C & I hours

Wednesday, November 12:  Routine interruptions for art and gym = 3.5 C & I hours

Thursday, November 13: Uninterrupted day = 5 C & I hours

Friday, November 14:  Specials art/gym in the morning.  Total = 3.5 C & I hours

Week’s Total C & I hours: 16 hours

NOTE: Discipline problems have compromised Curriculum and Instruction time very seriously this week.  Problems that seemed to have begun the previous Wednesday when a substitute teacher was in the room have worsened.  The three-day weekend probably exacerbated the situation, too.  It is difficult for many children to be out of school for three days, often with poor supervision and little to do except watch TV or play video games.  However, there are eight boys—4th and 5th graders in the class—that have almost no self-control and a severe lack of social skills that often results in physical aggression and other disruptive behavior in the classroom.  It is compromising the learning environment for all the students and certainly compromising my ability to deliver instruction and promote curriculum development for all.  Therefore, it is only in theory that I estimate the C & I time as 16 hours this week.  Moreover, I feel certain that these kinds of problems exist for most teachers, robbing them and their students of Time to Teach and Time to Learn.


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