When will the tests begin? A mystery.

August 25, 2007

Upon examination of the “Testing Schedule,” which is printed in the Denison Montessori Teacher Handbook, I see that the first Benchmark Tests are supposed to be administered August 27th – September 3rd. That would mean that we will begin testing on Wednesday, but there is no mention of it on the principal’s Weekly Agenda for August 25 – 29th.  Will I be able to finish my second week of orientation in the classroom or not? Will curriculum and instruction screech to a halt before we are even “On our mark?”

Post script:  A day later I march into the Assistant Principal’s office to clear up this matter.  I am chagrined to learn that I have read the Testing Schedule poorly, that it actually says that on August 27th the testing materials are supposed to arrive in the building.  Because I am inquiring in such a timely fashion, however, I am the first to receive the official schedule for the first Benchmark Tests.  It says they will be administered the second week after the Labor Day holiday, September 9 – 12.  Therefore, the students will have five days of regular schooling, that period that I suggested would be the “GO,” the full speed ahead signal for this new.  And THEN we will hobble through a week of testing.   What effect will that have on the students’ orientation to the classroom?   On their attitudes towards their work and progress?

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